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Syllabus for All Classes

Family and Consumer Science

Instructor:  Mrs. Stohel


Phone Number: 918-297-2626 ext 1124 

Room Number: FCS Room

Program Overview: 

Family and Consumer Science classes are comprehensive courses designed to provide students with the core knowledge and skills needed to manage their lives. Project based instruction provides students with opportunities to utilize higher order thinking, communication, and leadership skills impacting families and communities. Concepts incorporate interpersonal relationships, career, community, and family connections, family, nutrition and wellness, consumer and family resources, fashion and apparel, food production and service, parenting, and housing into relevant curriculum.

For more information concerning the subjects covered, please visit our Oklahoma CareerTech website

Course Evaluation:

Daily Assignments (quizzes, journal, formative assignments, class participation) = 100 points

Major Projects and Tests (Summative) = 200 points

Projects = 300-500 points      

Absences- When you are absent, including ISD, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to obtain missed assignments.  If you are present when an assignment is given, it is your responsibility to bring the completed assignment upon your return unless other arrangements have been made. If you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to ask for assignments. This includes students with school activities. If you do not make prior arrangements for that class period, you get a zero!

Late work- Always let me know if you are having trouble with an assignment or need additional time to complete an assignment, though there is no guarantee extra time will be permitted. I am here to help you and I want you to be successful.  However, if you do not make PRIOR arrangements with me, your assignment is due on the designated due date.  Assignments turned in after that date will be considered late and will only be given partial credit.  Assignments more than two days late, without an excused absence, will receive a zero. No work will be given for days missed unless the absence is excused, as stated in the student handbook.

Cell Phones and Personal Listening Devices: Cell phones have no purpose in this classroom. Talking on the phone, texting, gaming, or social networking during class is prohibited, and you will receive a write-up, with no warning. You will be provided a chrome book for my classroom but they do not leave my classroom. If your phone is taken away in my class, it will only be returned to the parent. If there is an emergency, parents need to contact the office.

Classroom Discipline Plan

1st Offense- Warning/Student conference

2nd Offense- Parent Contact and a write-up

3rd Offense- Office Referral

*Classroom Discipline Plan and Tardy Policy will follow Haileyville’s Student Handbook.

Food and Drinks- Please keep away from computers and projects. If they become an issue, food and drinks will no longer be allowed, this includes 3rd meals. 


Students are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. We discuss sensitive matters in my classes and disrespectful opinions or rude remarks will result in a write-up and detention. We practice personal responsibility in this classroom.