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Students in my class will need a 1½ binder (3 ring) and 3 packages of page protectors.  If you do not want class sharing of materials I will list the things we use the most.  The student can place these items in a ziplock bag that will be sanitized at the end of class.  

small bottle glue

glue sticks

colored pencils (crayola brand best)

one pack of highlighters (multi-color pack best)


different color pens (any brand with any colors)



I will be passing out sanitizer as the students come into the class.  In between classes I will sanitize the desks, tables and materials.  I encourage students to wash their hands before coming to class.  Masks are encouraged but not mandatory.  I will also be taking temperatures as students come into the classroom.  If a fever is registered the student will need to report to the office.  I will have slide shows and notes available on my pages for the student to watch if they are not at school or just need to rewatch for something they may have missed.  There will be a major project for each 9 weeks and as the school calendar is given the dates will be noted.  The HS STEAM class will not have a major project as they will be assigned projects throughout the year.  I will be teaching 4th grade through 8th grade science and a high school STEAM class.

Page updated 7-25-2020