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Hello Students,

Over the next few weeks we will be utilizing the IXL math website to complete assignments. The following are assignment that can be completed on the IXL math website. I would like you to make at least a 70% on each assignment to recieve full credit. If you have any questions or need your login information, email me at If you would like to view a video of any of these concepts, then go to the educational website link on my home page and select one of the Khan Academy links.  

April 6 – 9

Level J N.1 (Coordinate plane review)

Level K G.1 (Coordinate plane review)

Level K Y.1 (Identify monomials)

Level K Y.2 (Multiply monomials)

April 13 – 16

Level M A.3 (Simplify variable expressions using properties)

Level K I.1 (Write variable expressions)

Level K I.3 (Simpify variable expressions involving like terms and the distributive property)

Level M D.2 (Identify functions)

April 20 – 23

Level M H.2 (Add and subtract complex numbers)

Level M H.3 (Complex conjugates)

Level M I.1 (Factor out a monomial)

Level K I.4 (Identify equivalent linear expressions)

April 27 – 30

Level M R.3 (Convert between exponential and logarithmic form: rational bases)

Level K I.5 (Write variable equations) 

Level K Q.6 (Find values using function graphs)

Level K S.6 (Slope-intercept form: find the slope and y-intercept)