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Lynne Benedict


Lynne Benedict

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Contact Info:

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Bokchito HS in 1982.  I attended SOSU majoring in Music Ed. completing my Bachelors degree in 1986.  I continued my education and recieved my Masters in Music Ed. from SOSU in 1991.  

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelors degree in K-12 Music and a Masters degree in Music Ed.  

I am also a certified K-12 Library Media Specialist.

Current Position:

I began teaching at HHS in 1987.  I am beginning my 32 year in education.  This year, I’m back in the music classroom full time and am so excited!  We will learn how to read music and play everything from pianos, recorders, guitars and ukuleles.  

Previous Position:

I began my first year teaching in Sterling OK. in 1986.  I have been employeed at Haileyville since 1987.  I am now in the wonderful position of being able to teach children of my former students.  


Family Information:

I married Mr. Benedict in 1994.  We have two children, Anna and Joe.  My husband and I like to travel and see the country.  I’ve been to Idaho and back again and all over the S.W. United States on the back of a motorcycle.  What a great way to see the country.  I have also been to Europe a few times and enjoyed seeing and experiencing different cultures.  

Personal Information:

I am a certified Pilates and Spin teacher.  I teach these classes at the McAlester Choctaw Wellness Center and at Mcalester Regional Wellness Center, after school and on the weekend.  

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