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            Haileyville Public School, hereafter Haileyville, is dedicated to addressing the needs of its learners through a varied Distance Learning Program, hereafter DLP. The goal of Haileyville is to provide authentic, meaningful learning in an accessible format. Haileyville will employ 21st Century methodology to obtain this goal through the use of Google Classroom as a virtual hub for Haileyville Public School Learners, hereafter Haileyville. Google Classroom, Khan Academy, IXL, and Ticket to Read will be accessed by Haileyville through digital devices. HPS is not a 1 to 1 school district, but we will work to provide those students who need a device. Haileyville will depend on students to use personal devices to access online instruction and Home Based Learning Packets. HPS has undertaken to support this program by providing school internet access through Wi-Fi delivered to locations outside the school.

             Haileyville Teaching Guidelines are designed to provide consistency in instruction at all grade levels. The lessons will provide cross-curricular lessons and include non-technology based alternatives. The instruction will include projects and choice boards to provide flexibility. The professional staff will be relied upon to provide content delivery. The content will include Zoom sessions to discuss issues, and YouTube instruction of concepts. Google Classroom will provide a common platform for instruction. Direct links to materials will be provided and students will access Google friendly tools for instruction

            Haileyville will maintain flexibility for completion of assignments and communicate to parents all need-to-know information. Haileyville will also provide live instruction through Zoom. Projected daily guidelines for student learning are: PK-K 45 min; 1-5 90 min; 6-8 2 hours; and 9-12 3 hours.  Haileyville will provide needed tutoring assistance through text, social media, facetime, Zoom, and Google Classroom. Any parent meeting requested will be conducted on Zoom, face to face meetings with parents are discouraged.

            Special Education needs will be handled by the Special Education Director who is a co-teacher on each class with IEP Students.